PLAY Don't Stop The Music

In support of one of the best blogs in the world, Catchy Tunes of Sweden, DontStopThePop! has to say that the girlgroup is one of the best bands to come out of Sweden. Please don't listen to the haters!

Reasons to love them:

-What other band has ever appreciated/covered magic of Atomic Kitten, Robyn, Liberty X, and Billie Piper? You'd be hard pressed to find such a group. These girls know their music so much so they cover it all and add something to the original.

-Anna Sundstrand(key vocalist) is a relative of the legendary Greta Garbo!

-Anais Lameche, younger sister of recording artist Amanda Lameche(signed to Maverick Records no less)

-Rosanna is actually called Rosie Munter. Shes a member of the Munters!

-Rosie Munter starred in a popular Swedish film called Eva and Adam.

-Janet Leon(the replacement of Faye Hamlin who left to study at uni) is a mezzo-soprano!

This was originally a hit single for Robyn in Sweden but I love the cuteness of their cover. Play you were great!!!

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