Staying in Sweden DontStopThePop! presents Victoria Silvstedts dip into the music world. Born in the very Swedish sounding town SkellefteƄ, Victoria is so famous that she has her own doll.

Most famous for being named Playmate of the Year in 1997 but Vicky is so much more than that.

Everyone knows about her amazing legs ever since she became Miss Sweden however Victoria never planned to be build her career on the back of PlayBoy but rather was destined to achieve success by throwing her body down a big big big hill with only two pieces of wood attached to her feet. She was a world-class member of the Swedish National Ski Team, ranking as high as fourth among her future Olympian teammates in the Super-Giant Slalom.

Due to an injury, probably falling over, she decided to swap the ski lift for the superbra and never looked back.