ROBYN Good Thang

And we return to the nation of pop Sweden! But this time its Robyn all by herself! Robyn Carlsson has fronted H&M, written songs that then went to become massive hits for many an artist and recently returned from Kenya in her duty as a UNICEF ambassador. However her most claim to fame would probably be that she has released four very strong pop albums all of which have sold very well in Sweden and contain songs that are begging to be released internationally.

This song is a bit of a rare track because it was never actually released on any Robyn LP and its a real bugger to track down. The story behind is pretty boring other than after Robyn finished up the initial attempt of promoting her second album, "My Truth", she released this club only single. Often confused with a very similar sounding-both in title and sound-Robyn song called Main Thing. Its a 7 minute retro classic that eventually became a double a-side with another Robyn classic called Play. Both Good Thang and Main Thing-when it eventually became a single-became funk/lounge tastic anthems.

Check out her website at where you can download free exclusive unreleased mixes of Be Mine. To buy her Cd's go to for her most recent and try out the for all the best Scandipop acts.

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