Over to Australia now. Dannii Minogue was always the star of the family back in the 80's. Her school report probably said "the next Madonna". And she nearly went down in history for being the Britney Spears before Britney Spears was even invented. At a very young age Dannii was already household name in Australia due to her prime billing on the TV show Young Talent Time which was like an early prototype of Pop Stars/Idol/Fame Academy except no one was voted off and the same group of kids sung covers all the way through their teenage years. Every week millions of Australians watched a small group of individuals-usually murder-perform classic songs in a live studio filled with screaming and adoring fans. Albums were produced and many of the 'lil star's' went on to become celebrities/artists/musicians in later life such as Tina Arena, Jamie Redfern,and Debra Byrne. However it was Dannii who was the most popular of the group. She eventually achieved the highest profile members in the show’s twenty year history. Dannii recorded on two albums for the show and performed at a series of concerts around Australia. It was Dannii that actually gave Kylie her big break by agreeing to do duets with her big sis both in the concerts and on the TV show. The rest they say is history...

So this song comes from Dannii's time with the record label Eternal. The lyrics could be about her marriage/break up with Julian McMahon, with whom she had appeared in Home and Away. The wedding was dubbed the Australian Wedding of the Year not only due to the Minogue-Australias first family in spirit-name but because Julian was son of former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon. It was match made in tabloid heaven. But then a few months later the two divorced and he is now more famous for being Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck.

This song was recorded for the Girl album and a extended remix turned up both on the Japanese edition of Girl and the Australian Cd single release of Coconut. However this album version is pretty hard to find but its out there!

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