SCOOCH Don't Look Back!

Scooch were formed in the vein of Steps but were far more "Sister Sledge on Acid" than "ABBA on Speed". Most of their music was written by Aitken/Crosby/Stock who produced some of their best work with Scooch. The band were signed on an imprint of Parlophone Records in an attempt to grab some of that Steps moolah, highlighting a certain camp side of the record company which eventually signed Kylie Minogue. Indeed Parlophone illustrated that for every Coldplay plonked on us they also give us a band like Scooch. It certainly gives me hope for the future of pop music in the UK.

Scooch fizzled out after an initial burst of success with their second single More Than I Needed to Know but unlike the present climate of "1 single or bust" in the British music industry, Parlophone released a further 2 singles and 1 full album called Welcome To Planet Pop internationally and Four Sure in the UK.

This uplifting track did not feature on the album but rather was a b-side to their top five hit More than I Needed To Know. The group didnt split up per se and now and then the four do very special gigs mostly for gay pride events. Each has solo success in their own fields: Natalie has released big dance hits, David runs a school, Russ was last seen in childrens TV & Caroline has starred in the musical The Producers on the west end. I think they should regroup and win Eurovision in 2006 for Britain....

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