LOONA It's Alright

Loona is the Spanish Kylie. She's very European and most famously performed the lyrics to DJ Sammy's cover of Boys of Summer. However she is a well established artist in Europe crossing the worlds of trance, pop and dance. You've probably heard her material abroad. She was born in Holland, grew up in Germany and has lived in Spain for a major chunk of her career. Her 2006 will probably the biggest yet. There are talks that shes about to be signed to Madonna's record label in the US and even backed up Madonna when she 'did' G-a-y to promote Confessions on a dancefloor. Loona was on that very special VIP guest list created by Madonna/Maverick. Her 2005 was a special personal year for Loona as she gave birth to her daughter...the father was DJ Sammy!

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