Some might remember the original from the Steps first album Step One. This is a slightly more "popped" up version if you can imagine that Steps could ever be "popped" up! Rollergirl is mostly known for ripping off Kylie videos and covering Madonna's Dear Jesse(Love Parade). Shes released this as a fully fledged single in 2000 and it became a club smash in both Europe and America. It was even given a full proper mini-Lp release with an assortment of trashhandbag disco remixes. She was last seen touring/touting her Japanese only album in Tokyo in 2002 but after that bombed in the land that would usually lap such material she returned back to the drawing board which meant coming back to her home in Germany. In 2005 Rollergirl released Geisha Dreams which did well. Watch this space! She hasnt given up(yet!)

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