VANY Drama Queen

From Shampoo to the wonderful Vany whose Drama Queen will always be remembered as a post-modern German gay anthem. Vany(AKA Vannesa Petruo) is of course the beatiful star of No Angels: Germans first Popstars band. As a solo artist shes released two wonderful tracks, this one and Hot Blooded Woman that came from the stunning debit Mama Lilla Would LP.

Imagine Rosenstolz, Mozart, Army Of Lovers and Queen altogether you got Drama Queen. It flopped on release but we don't care. This is a DONTSTOPTHEPOP! classic and we bow down to the end lyrics "and if you don't like drama go back to ya mama"

What more can be said.

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Anonymous said...

oh my god!!! for you everything is gay! the song is a normal pop song, and it has NOTHING to do with that damn gay culture! that song is good for children, and that's no gay song or whatever. for you every pop artist is a gay icon. go and shot yourself!