Ruth Wallis is the Joan Rivers of pop music. She was banned in the 50's for singing about such stuff as homosexuality, floppy willys and wifeswapping. Her hits 'Queer Things' and 'He'd Rather Be A Girl' are as funny yet relevant today as they were back then revealing history is nothing but a idiom. But this little ditty is not about the fairies but the requirement to tease out your boobs to impress men. Basically its realistic and yet tragic take on the Diamonds are girls bestfriend.

Pre-empting the world of Chantelles and Lolo's, Ruth Wallis interupts the given image presented by the first "gossip celebrity": the troubled Marilyn Monroe by reorganising certain melodies and filling in the gaps with hardcore satirical lyrics. Her material was so close to the edge, Ruth was prevented from entering Australia. Their loss.

As Chuck Miller stated Ruth Wallis' songs weren't filthy or dirty. They were, however, wry observances of things that suburban America wasn't ready to discuss - things like cross-dressing...

Her lyrics caused so much controversary the FBI begun to build a case against her that would eventually lead to her being portrayed as a Communist spy. These plans never came forward but it just goes to show that Eminem and his ilk really are nothing new. Or rather, in the geneology of pop music, Ruth stands over Madonna and that aforementioned rapper as the true original fire starter.

For this we commend you Queen Ruth.

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