CLEA Butterflies and Rainbows

And now to Russia via Popstars: The Rivals. Clea recorded the album of 2004 but due to record company problems the LP never came out in the UK. We cannot stress how good Identity Crisis is and we really don't want to damage the sales of the album as they are practically on their knees as a band so please please please if you like what you hear buy it again. You can get it at amazon but also We absolutely love Clea and this posting is just to promote the act/album.

Butterflies and Rainbows is one of the album fillers which is why we've included here today. I say filler only because in comparison with the other songs on the LP, it doesnt stand strong but as you will hear that isnt to suggest its crap. Quite the opposite. On first hearing you might not really notice it but it will eventually consume you.
I've not heard anything like this and yet it sounds very similar. Its epic. Its poetry. Its true bliss. Or could it be self-reflective in a Freudian praxis?

Clea have dropped a member since the release of this album and gone all Atomic Kitten with their recent cover of Clothes Off. The material recorded for their new LP entitled Trinity and Identity Crisis are completely different. Its like the albums are produced by two completely different bands. The pop on Identity Crisis pulled us into a sphere of addictive flowers embedded in a the strange yet mythical hinterland that was Uber, beautiful, tragic and global. The pop on Trinity however recalls Kylies early years at PWL. Both are of course welcomed but DONTSTOPTHEPOP! prefers the former as it revealed small appertures in our harsh reality that allowed the listener to swim in the chords only strung in utopia. Identity Crisis was the album most played on Gods ipod.

Listen and fall in love.


billyknowspop said...

Nice choice!!! Good to have you back 2. Ur right about the song, it is a choice for best song on the album is "The Lie!" Thanks 2 for adding my blog, now if i could just figure out how to post things it might actually be a good blog. :)

Robpop said...

I love Mind Games, The Lie, Download it but the best tracks on the album are Sprung and the title track!