Following in the footsteps of Gonnabees, we have another beautiful ode to Americas homecoming queen. Hated is a sweet summer singalong song with lyrics you'd expect from a drag queen on acid. Or a bratty teenage girl. Or a bratty teenage boy dragged up and on acid: uniting both super bitch catagories. It starts off with a Goldfrapp drum beat but then evolves into something like a 1960's TV show themetune. For this we adore Hated.

It is thus quite cleary obvious why it ended up not on her brilliant debut album but on the motion picture Mean Girls. Nikki has yet to really break out and has a record company who appear to whore her music on nearly ever Lynsay Lohan soundtrack. Which we love.

While we wait for her second album to come out we suggest you buy her debut album creatively titled Nikki Cleary over at Its like a Stacie Orrico album but with a bit more melody you can dance to and no silly rnb slicks.

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Monette said...

Hi i would like to say that Nikki Cleary is so awesome and I don't see how that nikki isn't famous! she would be an awesome singer or actress! i'm not a hater and everone else shouldn't just because if someone hated on Nikki Cleary!... well they must be jealous cuz they can't sing better than nikki cuz she rocks! and haters don't!!!! so HA!