ANSHELLE Dancing In Solo

To celebrate the alledged sappho love between Jupiter and Dannii Minogue in todays trash papers we bring you SwissPop boxer/dance diva Anshelle! Not purely because of her sportastic merits but for the womens lib lyrics "leave the MAN at home YO!" on this very ditty.

DONTSTOPTHEPOP thinks Dannii+Jupiter should release a dance cover of I Got You Babe. I'm sure AATW are booking studios and contacting the estate of Sonny as we speak!

As for Anshelle, we don't know much about her as her website is pretty bad. Her album is an example of nervous pop producers not sure of how much they can expand the genre of electropop. It sounds like she's been listening to a lot of scandipop particularly Arash and Robyn but shes clearly not as confident as a Swedish pop maestros. Which is a good thing as at times music from the aforementioned shores can be so good its too good. Like having the best icecream and then getting brain freeze. There are flaws on Anshelles' album and for this we like as it means she can improve on something that is already grand.

Anshelle writes all the tracks on the album. Not thats anything harp on about but DONTSTOPTHEPOP certainly thinks she'll be a songwriter that we'll of hear again. Its a combination between Goldfrapp, Kylie, Franz Ferdinand and The Ark.

Yay for Swisspop! Yay for Sapphopop


billyknowspop said...

Thanks for this amazing song!!! I've never heard of her. You rock.

Anonymous said...

hi (to whom it may concern)

my name is anshelle from switzerland and I aprecciated the article you wrote about our last album "part of the game". I guess I must send you 1 oder 2 songs of the new album we are producing at the moment - just to read your next bitter-sweet article. and by the way - our homepage ist not bad, maybe if you improove your german you will like it :-). keep on rocking!