Sunday Kind of Bliss!

Pop Show Party-Some might say that British pop music is dead. However PopShow reveals a subculture of acts pumping away regardless of lack of 'record company interest'. Acts have included DONTSTOPTHEPOP favourites Clea and Cookie. Next show is on the 14th of feb. It is THE place to be seen and its all for charidee! Go to the forum to check out the many unsigned pop artists such as Evolution and Charlotte Stevens. Totally educational.

Club Contact-Further proof that 'music with a catchy melody' is still alive and well in the UK. Previous acts have included Pay-TV. Every thursday at Juno. Respect!

Dirrty Pop!-Nietzsche and pop! Never! DONTSTOPTHEPOP feels Nietzsche is of course misplaced especially with the recent downfall of Smash Hits. Rather, Dirrty Pop should read Judith Butler, Deleuze or even better the often misunderstood Hegel!

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