On a very recent trip to Paris, I stumbled upon Arielle Dombasle. She is married to French philosopher and writer, Bernard-Henri Lévy and quite a well established actress. However with the voice of a French Cecilia Bartoli, this inclusion makes her the first opera singer to find herself on DONTSTOPTHEPOP. Even if your not a fan of Opera you will love Arielle Dombasle whose Liberta album must have been on heavy play by William Orbit, Mirwais and Madonna throughout Ray Of Light+Music. Indeed Arielles L'ange Amoureux is a Baroque understudy of Sky Fits Heaven. However we prefer Cara Sposa for it even begins with a beautiful French reappraisal of love which involves into an Italian plea of resolution.

This is not solely opera, this is pop music at its most innovative: the ability to be both groundbreaking, timeless and historical all at once. It is hybrid. It is geneological. Cara Sposa thus encapsulates the very essence of Nietzsche condemnation of origin.

Pop music at best reminds us that nothing is "essential" and Cara Sposa entails this journey. It is nothing and yet dramatic. Is it heartbreaking and chillingly hilarious. One must remember that Pop music is not an exact thing nor is any form of the given: to downplay particular music as crap just because it appears to remain banal in comparison to more worthy musical expressions, such as Bob Dylan, is clearly and quite sadly essentialist. Pop music is not an culmination or something that it is not rather is part of a geneological commodification of our environment which is as in Entstehung. It is always. Cara Sposa informs the historian that the search for total knowledge is impossible. Everything is an profusion of everything which is always coming even as the abject Other.

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