ATOMIC KITTEN Something Spooky

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once in the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One... I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

This was Oppenheimer's-the creator of the Atomic bomb-attempt to describe the otherwise indescribable. The music you are about to hear are by the explosive band Atomic Kitten. They did their best to remain uncool in a period that desired the anti-Spice Girl formula-so much so Spice Girls gave us, Forever, the very produce of the nonSpiceGirls idiom- and thus Atomic Kitten evolved into the uber. Atomic Kitten came about when even the Spice Girls were ashamed of what they had done to the music charts. The Spice Girls had spiced up the world charts and with their Darkchild direction they suddenly turned into monochrome. Something Atomic Kitten were not prepared to ever let happen to them.

Atomic Kitten were borne out of an growning unease with happy music. They quite clearly shouldn't have been signed. Atomic Kitten gave us something Spice Girls were unable to on Forever: A dance/pop dance set list with a few uplifting ballads. Indoing so, they burst into the pop universe and were always going to be iconic so much so that a copycat band came out-the sublime Supersister-which is probably a true sign of Atomic Kittens significance. They set the pace, they destroyed the given and yet the magic that was evident on all of their material, even the Jenny Frost tracks, was an indescribable texture of Atomized pure pop!

Atomic Kitten were the kind of girls who'd perform their hit single The Tide Is High at a Tsunami Relief fundraiser.

Something Spooky is a very strange AK classic and probably recorded when the direction for the band was still unclear. You will hear that it is more rocky than any of their other material. It sounds like a long lost gem from the Go Go's demo tapes. An excellent track which was abused by the fact was given solely b-side existence. Shame! Twas the theme song for CBBC's Belfry Witches. Excellent!


Alexander said...

I liked this AK-weekend. Really nice! :)

Looking forward to more specials like this in the future.

Robpop said...

More are planned!