ROBYN When I Think Of You!

Yes is a cover of the Janet Jackson hit single!!!!! And yes its sung by Robyn!!! Today we celebrate Robyn as we hear through the boards at PopJustice that she's teamed up with Basement Jaxx!!!!!!! THIS IS BIG!

What more can be said. Robyn is a DONTSTOPTHEPOP favourite...indeed its named after her hit single/album: Don't Stop The Music.

She's about to embark on a massive promo tour of Europe & will release Crash and Burn Girl over in Sweden! She did the video this weekend gone!

Todays selections are completely live but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let that disparage you! These tracks are absolutely stunning.

When I Think Of You is a HIGH quality dat recording of Robyn's tour of her Don't Stop The Music album at the Malmofestivalen. Because of this it might take some time to download the mp3. Its well worth it though!

Robyn proves that pop music can be amazing live. Who needs guitars? Only if Robyn is singing with them!

Everyone sing with me now...."Hey baby ravish me, love me till it hurts..Don't you dare to leave...button down my skirt...Kiss me quick I'm about to burst , patience ain't my thing............"

BONUS TRACK: ELECTRIC-Live at the Concert of the Decade:Electric was her lead single from her second album and as you will hear, she really pushes the original to uncharted lands. Watch out for the swear word please!


billyknowspop said...

I've always loved "Electric." If you love to dance and you love this song, get the Patric Berger remix off the cd single!

Robpop said...

hey billy! are you on Msn?

Anyways: dontstopthepop will post a VERY old 1996 Robyn gem called Do Me soon!

Anonymous said...

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