COOKIE Wishing Well-2005 Version

Damn they were sexy! Damn they were vocally brilliant! Damn they all had exotic names! Moreover should I be excited that that baseball bat is gonna be used for anything but sporting ventures? (DONTSTOPTHEPOP makes a little yeep!)

Cookie are a four-piece girlband made up of Marianne, Tahnee, Aimie and Montana. They used to have another singer who was in the original line up for super girlgroup Girls Aloud but she also pulled out of Cookie too. With no money they thus had to re-shoot the videos and completely restart their promotion with a new member, Aimie. This was a very a costly exercise.

They were doomed. For some strange reason the debut single, erotically called Do It Again, was more Girls Aloud than Girls Aloud and thus the song totally flopped.

A period of supporting Girls Aloud while on their recent tour amounted to nothing. Most of the tracks they recorded for the album, Hands In The Cookie Jar, were recalled by writers who didnt want Cookie to sit on their 'hit singles'. Sadly the same thing has caused problems with Clea's new album however Clea have survived this fickle nature of songwriters and publishing companies. We're totally not sure that Cookie have. The official website, while still pretty much all there, remains without updates and the forum has closed.

Wishing Well comes from Cookies 2005 recording sessions. Strangely another doomed girlband, Made In London, also recorded this track and check their version below.


billyknowspop said...

I'll tell ya what I really love about Cookie; their cd single covers!!! Now that's great popart.

Brian W said...

Thank god no one in Girls Aloud has a baseball bat. That would be REALLY SORT OF SCARY.

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