NANNE Fördomar

Sometimes its heartbreaking that for every Cookie the court of Stockholm will raise you threefold. For every Rachel Stevens the realm of Göteborg will send over Robyn. For every Girls Aloud the caves of Malmö will give you Army Of Lovers, Alcazar, BwO and so on. And always "and so on". For every Madonna discopop album that samples ABBA, the shores of Gävle will give you not just a paltry snippet of popbliss but ABBA in totality. The long line of pop luminaries is always endless. It is the land of pop perpetuality. One cannot talk of pop music without always recalling the musical output of Sweden.

From the university halls of Uppsala to the peaks of Kebnekaise, The Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige) has produced some of the best music ever known to humankind.

The UN must do something about this clear unequality. In the meantime, all us pop lovers can do is simply indulge on all that is Sverige and you can't get more pop than Nanne Grönvall. Like Arielle Dombasle, Nanne traverses along a number of genres, mostly rock, opera and disco, and thus creates her own.

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