TRUEBLISS Don't Turn Your Back

Now its time for a bit of Pop history...TrueBliss started it all. They were massive in New Zealand after the TV Show, Popstars, put together Joe Cotton, Keri Harper, Megan Alatini, Carly Binding and Erika Takacs to form the first ever Popstars related act.

If it wasnt for TrueBliss you can forget about Darin, HearSay, Edens Crush, Girls Aloud, Clea, Will Young, Bardot, No Angels, Preluders, Bro'Sis, Sarah Whatmore, Hi-5, Lollipop, Six, Bellepop, Magnolias de Acero, Roser, Carmen Miriam, Excellence (XLNS), Supernatural, Johannes Kotchy, The Cheeky Girls, Rosie Ribbons, Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino and Carrie Underwood........

The album, which eventually evolved into Dreams, was recorded in just one week. Considering this its is amazing: an electronic hinterland that takes hold of the 1980's and shakes it for all that the decade was worth. Sadly the band never managed to release the follow up album that had been recorded despite the success of the debut that included tracks by Madonna and George Michael. Dreams also included a cover of Kylie's cancelled follow up to The Locomotion before she teamed up Stock/Aitken/Waterman Getting Closer.

Online resources are pretty quiet regarding TrueBliss as the discourse surrounding Popstars primarily focuses on the judges, Bardot and Girls Aloud. Its as if TrueBliss have been wiped from the music halls of fame. Well not at DontStopthePop for we'd never turn our back on them. Not only did you produce great music in such a short space of time but if it wasnt for you guys its possible that a great great great pop music would be nothing but a fantasy. So when your playing your fabulous Girls Aloud 3rd album remember that somewhere in between the tracks is the spirit of TrueBliss!

TrueBliss...we salute you

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billyknowspop said...

I can't say I'm a big fan, or a fan of TrueBliss, but a big way to go!!! for them for paving the way for the bands and artists I do love. Sarah Whatmore, Hear'say, Darin,...the list goes on.