LUCY WOODWARD (There's Gotta Be) More To Life

While we're on the subject of originals Don'tStopThePop! presents the original version of (There's Gotta Be) More To Life by Lucy Woodward. This is of course was a hit single by Stacie Orrico whose version can't be played now without somehow thinking of Kelly Clarksons Since You've Been Gone. Lucy's original was never supposed to be a single as she recorded it purely as a demo to tout to companies. As you will hear the demo is very low quality and it certainly doesnt have the amazing singalong ambiance that the Orrico smash hit did. Lucys version was later brushed down on the re-release of a Japanese version of her brilliant debut album, While You Can, a territory where Lucy is massive.

While You Can includes some brilliant tracks that we're sure Kelly Clarkson was playing while recording her recent LP. Check out the amazing version of Its Oh So Quiet on the Ice Princess Soundtrack. Far better than Bjorks 90's cover!

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