DAPHNE & CELESTE I Love Your Sushi!

Daphne (real name Karen DiConcetto) & Celeste are the very essence of good pop music which is why the duo were ultimately 'bottled' off the stage at the Reading Festival in 2000 (the bottles in some cases reportedly contained urine). For music directed towards kids, those grown up Morrisey lovers acted more childish than D&C's target audience. All we can say is "Up Your Butt With A Coconut!"

Note how that very credible act, Missy Eliot, appears to have nicked the Japanese introduction at the start of I Love Your Sushi.


Paul said...

This track totally made me smile on a dark rainy sunday morning! i LOVE this site :) Hey ~ check out my profile to see my site but be warned! Its no Don'tStopThePop :(

kfan said...

i love this track. i wish it didn't cut off at the end!