KLEA Tic Toc

Klea was formed by a producer named Diamond Giza, looking for a collection of like minded individuals he joined forces with Isis Rain and Arch Collision and the trio produced music encompassing styles as diverse as Dub, Soul, House and Pop. Diamond is the producer behind Klea, he also sings and writes and has been known to spend days in the studio perfecting the Klea sound – he has even mastered the art of sleeping on his feet!

Isis Rain is the singer behind Tic Toc and the second member of Klea. She gives the project that most important female touch and she keeps the boys in check! Arch is the shy member of the team, not only does he write for the band he is also an accomplished rapper!

The video is amazing! Shame it flopped! This version is the original radio edit however if you recall the cd maxi release it included a far harder single mix which was more electronic and is just amazing.

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