MALU Toda!

Max Martin fans might love this!

Its been absolutely ages since Dontstopthepop visited Spain! Malú is a Spanish pop diva who is adored by Spain. She is the Spanish Kylie. Toda! recalls classic Cheiron/Max Martin traits and yet sounds so fresh. We love Malú and we adore the greek male 'hey hey heys' in the end on this gem! This was a massive hit in Spain and go up to any 14 year old Spaniard and they will sing this song without hesitation.

Spain is a land that has provided some of the catchiest pop music in Europe sometimes outshining Sweden and the UK. The only problem it seems classic Spanish acts like Fangoria, Malú, Bea Bronchal and so on never sung in English which has meant a vast of excellent pop music has stayed within Iberian mountains. The material produced by Mecano & Manuel Malou remains to have included some of the best written poetry to ever found itself in a pop song. The real sad thing is that archives of Spanish pop music is left unnoticed while boring Ricky Martin and JLO types are financed by radio stations and record companies who appear to have gone to the lowest common denominator. This is a crying shame!

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