Long before The Ark/Scissor Sisters, The Hollywood Brats were THE band that you'd take your boyfriend on the second date back in the early 1970's. Every concert featured the boys in pink lipstick, womens clothes or butch leather chaps drapped in purple feather boa's. Which was quite an amazing thing considering the 1970's was a rough year for civil liberties in the U.S regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

If it wasnt for The Hollywood Brats The Ark would be shooting blanks. So in the same year as legal weddings for same sex couples Don'tStopThePop naturally thought that for every sad ballad that Chumbawamba write theres always a happier side to life. Formed in 1972 the Hollywood Brats were Punk long before the term was invented...this is of course a cover of the Crystals iconic hit single.

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