TARA BLAISE Paperback Cliché

Lyrically this is one of our favourite pop songs in existence. Tara Blaise is a female pop singer from Ireland. The eldest of six children, she was born in London, but at the age of three her parents moved to Ireland, so she grew up in the rambling hills of Aughrim, County Wicklow. She was previously in a band called the Wilde Oscars which just a brilliant name for a pop band. Expect big things from Tara this year for beyond success in Ireland her material is now zooming up the Spanish charts.

Paperback Cliché starts off quite timidly but whirls into a catchy chorus that will have you strapped down before its finished. If you like Alexis Strum you will adore Paperback Cliché. 2006 is Tara's year! We think she m

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