AFRO-DITE Rivers Of Joy

Afro-Dite are Blossom Tainton-Lindquist, Gladys del Pilar and Kayo Shekoni and most famous for releasing one of the catchiest Eurovision entries in existence, the rather iconic Never Let it Go. Naturally they hail from Sweden and possibly long defunct by now but DontStopThePop remembers them well. This pop gem taken from what is there, sadly, their only album.

They woz robbed!

  • FYI
  • Sounds of Sweden has absolutely tons of cheesy Swedish Eurovision-ilk stuff including Sandra Oxenryd and Anna Sahlene! Go there, listen, smile and dance!

  • FYI 2
  • Really Saying Something has tons of material by the original singers of Rivers Of Joy, the German girlband No Angels!

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    billyknowspop said...

    I'll have to say I've never been a fan of Afro-Dite. I bought their album after I heard alot of fuss about "Never Let It Go," but I could't get past the first few tracks. You have to check out their performance of "Never.." from Eurovision. It is both hilarious and fantastic! Rob, what's happening, I have not been a fan of the past 5 posts? :(