ALL SAINTS Lets Get Started

To celebrate the reformation of the All Saints, Don'tStopthePop has dug really really deep into the pop archives and gives you one of their first outings as a completely different band. All Saints were originaly launched as a threesome to kick at the heels of the super girl group Eternal. The original drive for All Saints was to rival Eternal by being far more poppier than the soulful/rnb direction the Bennet+Bryan girls were clearly heading towards.

The outfit consisted of Mel, Shaz and Simone Rainford and were originally called Spice but after talks with ZTT Records they quickly renamed themselves All Saints which was a clear reference tothe band founders' Simone and Shaznay's age.

By 1994 the complicated recording sessions delivered the girlbands first single, Silver Shadow(pictured) which stormed MTV late night preview shows and the three girls performed throughout the UK. Already falling apart at the seams the band fired a second single If You Wanna Party to the UK but the track simply didnt work. Smelling complete failure ZTT dropped the band.

With rumours spreading that Virgin had signed a super girlgroup, London Records immediately swooped in where ZTT had flown off. The following years would see massive complications with band members, producers and the record company all trying to second guess Virgin Records and their brand new signing which was of course turned out to be the Spice Girls. Due to record company politics and legal complications Simone was pushed out in favour of a girl band that looked more like the Spice Girls instead of Eternal who were finished by this time. Simone had left the band before the release If You Wanna Party but had momentarily rejoined the group straight after ZTT had dumped the band.

However, in a bid to control the infighting+look more like the Spice Girls, London Records rid of Simone and brought in two Canadian sisters, the legendary Nicole and Natalie Appleto wWho'd eventually cause more complications than solve them.

By the time the newly rebranded All Saints had secured the no.1 with Pure Shores London Records had had enough of the debauchery-the second album was continuely delayed-and thus were already grooming a new three girlband who were in the form of the original All Saints line up: the almighty Sugababes!

Lets Get Started was re-recorded by the second All Saints line up on their debut LP but as you will hear the original is quite different. Recalled Lets Get It Started, it wiped out Simone's vocals and I remember reading that a court case ensued which I have no idea as to the outcome. Produced by Kylie's favourite producer Johnny Douglas and released in Japan. BUT NEVER EVER RELEASED IN THE UK! As such this is an ultra rare track and we hope you guys enjoy it!

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