SANNE SALOMONSEN Teardrops In Heaven

So to our first Danish entry! This is to celebrate a close friend of DontStopThePop! who'll be leaving to lecture at the University of Copenhagen! Gonna miss ya!

Sanne Salomonsen is a well established Danish musician becoming rather much like a fixture on the Danish wall of pop sound with her first material with the band The Sneakers who remained on the charts continuously from 1979 to 1985. As a solo artist she has released so many albums. Too many in fact!

Recent material has utilised key DontstopthePop favourites such as Ruby Amanfu who submitted Suga, For Life and Morning for Sanne while Sarah Whatmore handed over such as Love Like I Do to Sanne on the 2005 release of "Sanne:The Album".

TearDrops From Heaven featured on Sanne's 2003 album Freedom and written by Soren Rasted!!! Don'tStopThePop adores it! Its a real nod-ya-head-kick-up-ya-heels anthem!

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Chris said...

Her version of 'Fools' (originally recorded by Miss Stevens) is awful!