Mary Kiani, aka Mary Queen Of Scots, sounds like the music of Gina G and the voice of Kristine W. In other words: she is utterly amazing. Or as the Clea girls would say "mazing, totally maaaaaazing!"

Mary hails from Scotland and her appearance on DontstopthePOP is rather special because I remember dancing to her as a 16 year old when she appeared at my secondary school. We connected immediately. Strangely the pop world has totally forgotten about Mary Kiani even if she was the first to grab the talents of Motiv8 and her album sounds strangely like a hybrid between Cher's Believe album and Gina G's Fresh. Rather it should be said that it was probably a prototype: the future of pop music with a touch of dance.

She has had several top 10 hits in the UK, legendary dance tracks like "I Imagine", "When I Call Your Name", "Let The Music Play" and "With Or Without You" were all huge hits for Mary in the UK and beyond. She also had a number 1 hit ("Real Love" - 1991) on the US billboard chart with her band The Time Frequency.

A new album is coming up!

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from trolleydolly:

Can you believe i saw Mary Kiani strutting her stuff again last week in Sydney?
Performance at Sydney's Gay&Lesbian Mardigras at 07.30 am at the RHI with a well group og G&L dancers of "I Imagine". We all had 'hands up in the air' and danced like it was a new song.
AbFab darlings!