SIX Let Me Be The One

This is the band that Nadine of Girls Aloud should have been in & for a time Six actually didnt have Six members in it! This was of course because Nadine wasnt allowed in the band after makers of the tv Show that formed the band, Popstars, found out she was too young! The managment was furious and made sure Nadine got involved in the British PopStars show the following year. Her place in Girls Aloud was a dead cert.

Our favourite Six 'classics' were this obviously this one, the debut A Whole Lot Of Loving, Its In Her Kiss and Love Really Hurts. They've only released one album but that album, ironically called THIS IS IT, is everything a pop album should be. Sadly its pretty full on the ballads but includes the very very very first appearance of the helium sample that later appeared on on that awful Akon track. Our favourite song title ever invented in the pop world has to be the very papal-like The Man That Made Me A Woman. Beats all those wonderful country n western song titles!

Anyway Let Me Be The One begins very slowly but evolves into a fabulous example of what pop music should be when its brilliant! Sadly this little slice of pop was the last ever Six single. This makes us cry*

*Well not really. But the boys were very cute. Even if the pic above doesnt illustrate that fact.


Chris said...

Six were quite schlager, weren't they?

billyknowspop said...

I like SIX, and if you remember from last season of American Idol, the finalists sang "United We Stand" which is featured on Six's album.

Adrian said...

The joy that Whole Lot of Loving brought me as an ickle Irish gay. Oh what fun we had, drunkenly stumbling around the streets singing it. How we laughed at the hilarious Nadine "what date of birth did I give?" incident. How we all fancied a little bit of Kyle and thought that he probably would. How we all waited for the Sinead-from-Cork (who worked in Morgan de Toi at the weekends) over-emoting falsetto bits.

And then it all turned to shit. I blame Pooey Walsh for that.