KUBB If I Can't Have You

& now for something absolutely 'new'+different!

Our first ever BoyPop offering comes from the 'very now' British pop band Kubb. The album, Mother, slides into an beserk All Saints/The Ark/Sister Scissor trinity of sounds. This eventually culminates in a Tyler James/Amy Winehouse/Kylie singalong zone of absolute 'strange-pop' musak which will consume. Highlights of the album must be Wicked Soul, Remain, Chemical & of course Grow. Mother has to be the album of the year. Please ignore all the comparisons to Keane/Coldplay who are no way near as catchy as Kubb and never will be. If I Can't Have You sounds very much like an older brother of Scissor Sisters' Mary. Strange, beautiful and addictive. We also think lead singer, Harry, is stunning.

Kubb is an outdoor game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. The word "Kubb" (rhymes with rube) means "wooden block" in the Gotland dialect of Swedish. So now you know!

Oh and with performances on CD:UK and Popworld and a nomination for Channel 4's Best New Band For 2006 award at this year's Smash Hits Poll Winners' Party...Kubb could be symbolic of the sudden shift in Smash Hits to return to its hey days. Shame it was too late for the publication. However it did give us Kubb. Don't miss this band!


xolondon said...

LOVE THE BLOG. Yes, I hope Kubb continus to get press and blog exposure. I keep finding new songs to like on that record - did you listen to the words to "I Don't Mind"? Wooh! Hose me down with cold water.

Um.....!~! said...

I click download and for some reason it doesn't work!~!