Some would say that Americans aint pulling their weight when it comes to good pop music. Really? Look hard enough and you'll be surprised.

This is Don'tStopThePop's second boypop and again, & like Kubb, Ringside are pushing our notions of what pop music should be. Essentially we think Struggle reinterprets the thumping baseline from Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head and throws mud at it with amazing results.

Yes the two boys are holding hands in the pic. Yes the lyrics are "milk the milk boy you just might get some insight". Yes indeed.

One is a son of Getty and one was a fashion designer for Gwen Stefani. This is the latter, Scott, describing himself in his own words:

"My name is Scott Thomas...I'm a real softie. I am a thirteen-year-old girl, trapped in a thick-bearded, skinny-legged, street fightin' man."


jpopevolution said...

I LOVE this song so much. Very catchy and very cool.

Jessica said...

Tired Of Being Sorry is their best song, I think. It's very popular in Poland, of all places.