DUKE White Wedding

Wow. Duke are amazing!

Duke will boldy take you to places where the nectar that produced Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These, the Fisherspooner Mix of Kylie's Come into My World, I Feel Love and Goldfrapps best moments, is in abundance! This is the sound of the "Mascara-flash" (non)generation. The boys from Spark*Pop will adore Duke! Check their website for more electropop bands!

If you liked Scissor Sisters before they they got all commercial you will absolutely adore DUKE. They stay on the safe line of disco, electro, bubblegum without going down the Goldfrapp-esq glamrock claps that seemed so fresh three years ago but now are tragically banal. Don't get us wrong DONTSTOPTHEPOP loves that particular thrash but it doesnt push pop music into and onto unknown zones rarely occupied by modern acts(...even if they name and thus declare themselves the modern...)

Duke ensure that pop is very much at the heart of their alternative electro fantasies. The world they paint is a hinterland where the Pop Idols usurp all the best parts of hip hop, punk, disco and bubblegum in one beautiful but nasty strut.

--BONUS-- UnderGround Disco!!! (FIXED!)


bulldoggy said...

Any mp3's of Duke? I'm intrigued!
Let me know how you're contactable.

bulldoggy said...

Actually, what about expired mp3s for those late to the party? Do you ever indulge second chances?
Bulldog :)