"I heard she tried break dancing but broke her butt!"

Rap on a PopBlog?! No way!! Nah...this is Verbalicious! She's as pop as Betty Boo! In fact stay with the Betty Boo comparison! She's wired up to be the Betty Boos little sister: or rather the only girl out whose tried to grab the Boo crown and with just one single some might say she failed. But but but! Is this the new Verbalious single?! We don't know. It aint on the cd single which includes a brilliant b-side called Hey Boy nor is the leaked second single: the cocky The Next Big Me!

New Kid comes from places we can't trace and hopefully its a sign that shes on her way back! The single Dont Play Nice was one our fattests and most played songs that we had last year.

We dig the last few seconds of the song where Verbalicious mocks her very rapping essence and finishes off in a fit of giggles and, i quote..."blah blah yeh!"

Just brilliant!


Conan said...

Does anyone know the swedish Popstarsband Excellence? I think Verbalicous might have sampled their song "We Can Dance". At least it sounds very identical to me. But maybe that is just my imagination

Chris said...

Yeah she's definitely sampled Excellence! The intro is identical.

Aaryn said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! and I HATE RAP!!


Robpop said...

Sampled Excellence? Who they be!!??? Aaryn i have more tracks from Verbal which are waaaaaaaaayyy better than New Kid! You'd adore Don't Play Nice.

Anonymous said...

she is the best singer her first song Don´t play nice is fabolous but she have many more cool productions she is very beautiful she must be a god