Poptarts get ready to hear yet another beautiful unification of rnb, poprap and poptastic pop genres! For this is German superstar Sonny Jones with Tara Chase! The video included the two running around a very metalic realm of modernity. It was all very Scooch/More Than I Needed To Know!

Anyway, any debut single that includes the boy backed in all white and flip-flops is always going to go down in DONTSTOPTHEPOP infamy! In years to come Sonny Jones will be known as the "the son of the Flip-flops" in true Lord Of the Rings style. Yes the song flopped but you can't blame those flip-flops for that.

Now we have no idea what ever happened to the popstar in flip-flops other than this song, the video and his german nationality but Tara Chase has a degree in biotechnology. Shes keeping it real ya see!

This is the cutest little record you'll hear all year! Its silly, its fluffy and its flip-floppy!

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split chick said...

Hi!! I run Tip Top Pop. I love your blog, and it's actually one of the ones that inspired me to make my own. You haven't probably heard about it sooner because I only started it like 2 weeks ago ;) Thank you SO much for mentioning me on your site, I really appreciate it and I was shocked. Keep up the good work =)
* split chick

Robpop said...
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Robpop said...

UR blog is brilliant! It was a pleasure to mention ya! Thanks for the compliments! Keep it glowing split chick*

*is also one of our favourite Mandy Moore tracks too!