A few months ago DSTP gave you a rough version of Dream On-featuring Robyn+Ola Salo from The Ark. The studio version has now been pressed and is about to be sent to radio stations in Sweden. There are provisional plans to release Dream On as an official single in the UK as a follow up to Christian Falks hit single Make It Right. This will hopefully launch Robyn in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled to Don'tStopthePop! for the radio mix of Dream On which will be posted very very very soon. We are also excited about some Robyn stuff DontstopthePop has recently dusted down but we're waiting on permission from the the powers that be before its posted! As for Christian Falk, get his wonderful two albums on Itunes or the other usual online music stores on which you should find other Robyn rarities like the beautiful Robyn song Remember.

For now however you can find Dream On in the News section at the Pop Trinity forums. You will also get some Verbalicious stuff. So go, sign up and join the madness at: