OH MY GAWDESS! What have we here!

What follows is NOT on ANY album! It has NEVER been released on any format. What you will hear is a Robyn track like no other! You will her unreleased tracks like That Woman Is Me which was lost by Robyn and never made the final cut for My Truth, Robyns second album. Inside this warm sector of unrealness you will hear material never included on any Robyn album or Cd. What you will hear is an celebration of the past 10 years of Robyn! You will hear never released Robyn material depicting a hinterland of cities of neverwhere and dreams of Stockholm.

This is course to lay the red carpet for the revealing of the studio version of Dream On, the new Robyn single which will breathe very soon!

Its a big file because as it is a massive mega mix of unreleased stuff, rare mixes, strange performances, odd and rare material that has never appeared together in one particular mix...UNTIL now! Mixed by the rather wonderful Ola of Who's That Girl


Aaryn said...

she looks so normal in that pic!

Joshua said...

Oh geez, she almost looks like P!NK in that photograph.

In any case, I LOVE Robyn. She was truly the definition of pop and I wish her success could have carried over beyond 1997-98. :(

Trevor said...

I missed it! Any chance of re-upping this (and the other Robyn tracks-"Dig It" & "Do Me Baby")?