MELISSA TKAUTZ The Glamorous Life-Radio Edit


Read My Lips

The Glam Life-Extended mix

Its OZPOP! week at DontstopthePOP! We're celebrating all the weird, wonderful and sometimes forgotten pop/musical output of Australia. Most would immediately start and consequently end with a Minogue as their total rosta of Australian artists. This is clearly not the case. Some would throw in an Imbruglia or a Delta but these acts can't be described as pop producers. Melissa Tkautz however is as pure pop as they come. She started her career in E Street, a hit 90's soap opera that was probably the Australian version of Night&Day. However she's also acted in soap operas Richmond Hill and Home & Away in the late 1980s, and in mini-series The Girl From Tomorrow. During this time attended the Academy of Dramatic and Social Arts in Sydney, graduating in 1991.

Her first single was the smash hit single Read My Lips. She followed this with top-five hit Sexy is the Word in 1992, both tracks coming from her album Fresh!. That same year Melissa (sans Tkuatz at the time) won several ARIA awards, including 'Most Popular New Talent' and 'Most Popular Music Video' (for "Read My Lips").

A few months ago Melissa returned with The Glamorous Life-a song originally by Prince and Sheila E. While a considerable hit considering Inaya Day had also released the same song in that particular week, the album it was spawned from, Lost&Found, flopped due to problems with her representation.

To see the rather wonderful video for Read My Lips head over to CFBGOESPOP!


Tulua said...

Thank You for the tidbits of history for Melissa. Listening to the cover song, sounds great. Better than I expected for some reason. Guess I was using sterotypes to predict what something would sound like before listening...naughty me. Still Thank You!

billyknowspop said...

I love this song too. I love guitar-pop-dance. I wasn't too impressed with the album tho. Her follow-up single "All I Want" is pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

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