"Oooh Ahhh I lost my bra, I left it in my boyfriends car!"

This song is like Marmite, either you adore it or you'll hate it. Truth be told, we hate it just a little bit but we love it so much more. Tamara Jaber was born on a Friday 13th and became a lead singer in the Pop Stars band Scandal'us.

THIS SONG STARTS OFF REALLY ROUGHLY but eventually hits all our buttons in and around our butts & dancing muscles.

Ooh Ahh is a bit like Gwen Stefani's Bubble Gum Electric or Vanys Drama Queen and for this reason alone DST(OZ)P! loves ourselves some Jaber! So she aint gonna ever perform a Aria from an Verdi opera. She knows this and embraces all her flaws and instead constitutes them to construct a rather randy pop toon.

Even the rap appears to be self-destructive in a true post-ironic post-modernis Betty Boo stylee. Pop that knows its pap can be hilariously brilliant when done well and we feel once you depress your judgement theres a chance that this song just make make you smile. For this reason alone, we commend you Tamara J!

Check out tomorrow for we will be entering the rather dreamy court of Deni-Marcia Hines, that other Australian showbiz family. Go to Really Saying Something, our sister site, for more new tracks by Australian acts.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I <3 your site. Do you know what happened to Tamara Jaber after her last single (after ooh Ahh)

Tamria said...

She had a second single 'hard for me' which sounded better than 'ooh aah' but it flopped!!

she is now gonna crack the US

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