BEC CARTWIGHT On The Borderline

Bonus-All Seats Taken-reloaded

We've covered Bec before but as she's certainly a fixture in any OzPop Palace, we thought it proper to recall her wonderful contribution to Australian pop music.

Her self-titled album sounds very much like a poppier version of Marie Serneholts newbie. In fact, while one is Swedish and the other is Australian, the closeness in the girls vocals, sounds and blonde looks makes us just a little bit suspicious. Are they clones? Twins seperated at birth?

All Seats Taken, above, once released became a top 10 gold hit. Then in February 2003, she released her second single, On the Borderline. It entered into the charts at #30 and then moved up and peaked at #28.

While Warner have dropped her-she was in good company for they also dumped Dannii and Sophie Monk-, DST(OZ)P! feels for some reason deep down in our pop hearts that Bec will be back in the charts eventually.


Bec's Boy said...

I love Bec's mechanically tweaked vocals!!

billyknowspop said...

For once I will have to disagree with my dear "Don't Stop The Pop"pers. I don't think Bec is that much like Marie at all. Marie can sing, Bec can't! Marie has a string of albums and singles that fared a whole lot better that Bec's terrible album ever did. And I don't think Bec will ever make it back onto the charts. Unless of course she works with the right people, learns to sing and gets a record label. On a positive note, "On The Bordeline" is her "best" song in my opinion. :)

Chris said...

I think those songs are written by Swedes actually. At least 'All Seats Taken'.

Robpop said...

chris i wouldnt be surprised at all if all of Becs album was originally given to a Swedish act.

Anonymous said...

i love Bec!! I think she looks like marie!