Christine Anu forms one of most important foundations of OzPop and an Australian household name. To the Australian indigenous people (Torres Strait and Aboriginal) she is a warrior and a sign of hope in a time when the Australian government is having problems with its past.

My Island Home is a anthem that goes beyond skin, class, genre and identity. Under the word 'resonates' you will find this song. This song is pop, classic rock, sprock, soul, sensuality, sexual, ethnic, classical and dance. It is magical and it might make cry for no apparent reason.

Descending from the indigenous inhabitants of Saibai Island and Mabuiag Island, Christine Anu featured quite heavily alongside Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge! and appeared as Kali in The Matrix Reloaded. She has won a number of Aria awards and refused to make PopStars: Australia a trial-by-TV spectacle like so many other reality programes which got her fired from the show.

Christine Anu is gravitas, class and above all a good laugh. Her iconic appearance at the Lesbian And Gay Mardi Gra festival where she appeared from a swinging sun in pink flip-flops will be remembered along with her stunning performance at the 2000 Olympic Games.


Sunshine On A Rainy Day Yes its a cover but its a brilliant one and was big hit for Christine Anu after years away from the Australian charts.


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Seriously one of my favourite of your posts. MY ISLAND HOME sounds amazing. I love it! Great share!!

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I love MY ISLAND HOME, Christine is the poo!!!!!

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I'm way late in asking but the file is no longer active - would you mind re-upping? I love love love this song <3