COLLETTE Who Do You Think You Are

Bonus! What I Like About You

Now for an ultra Australian pop gem! Collette is the Kylie Minogue that never was. However she got ever so close to grabbing the tiarra from the singing budgie.

While the singers looked very similar, the comparisons were quite limited for Collettes music revealed little in sentimentality and cuteness. Rather tracks like Who Do You Think You Are became a soundtrack to a hard line urban pop sensibility that had little time for the kind of bubble gum that Kylie chewed on.

Collettes music harboured a smutty baseline that Madonna would slurp up on her Immaculate Collection a year later.

Sadly there is very little on Collette webwise however CFBGOESPOP! keeps the candle alight for the girls eventual return to pop!


:) said...

Collette rings my bell :)

Alyson with a Y said...

Sob...I've never been so happy to see a post on an Mp3 site! Our little girl is so proudly displayed!