Finally a slice of Irish electro pop music!!! Or as electro as Irish music will ever get. We've already introduced Tara before but that was ages ago and with the summer coming by to say hello we thought you might like this.

Lyrically it takes two dual stories. According to Tara herself, 1 is about falling in love and the other is about growing up gay in Ireland. You might be reminded of Robyns Dont Stop The Music. For this alone you gotta thank Tara!

This is taken from Tara's album Dancing on Tables Barefoot which is highly recommended. Once you've danced like a frantic dancing queen to BwO's recent disco spectacular album two thousand times...rather than fall asleep to some chill out album, if you put on Tara's album you can still strut but possibly without causing any cardiac troubles and remain suspended in the mirrorball utopia that only poptastic music can create. Get it now! Its called Dancing on the Tables Barefoot for feck sake! ! ! What more do you need to buy it.

Think: Goldfrapp-lite, keyboards, star trek electro sounds, Summer, Don't Stop The Music, the Casuality TV theme tune, an Ambulance siren, Anna Sahlene and soft backing vocals.

We are using a new system for the songs. Just "save-as". No need to go elsewhere.


Alexander said...

Cool song! Like it! :-)

Adrian said...

Shit! Irish. Wow. Maybe my home nation is finally producing something decent. Is she based in Ireland then?

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