CLEA TRINITY An early review

Lets just say this right away: Clea have released the British pop album of 2006. Lets hope it gets released. What we've heard at DontStopthePop! is making us salivate for its eventual delivery.

Songs we adore!

Surrender: Oh my Gay! This song is as poofy as a gay porn film. Why do songs with the word Surrender tend to be excellent! You've got the sublime Javine remix of the already fabdabby Diana Ross track, the K-Otic hit single and the divine Kylie funk record. Keeping with Kylie, Clea's Surrender sounds a bit like Light Years, On A Night like This has slept with Butterfly and produced a beautiful lovechild between the best of Atomic Kitten, Spinning Around and Britneys Breathe On Me. Very very good! You literally want to lift that shirt, dye your hair pink and head off to a Gay Pride march after hearing this song. Thumping baseline, seductive chorus and trippy lyrics. Amazing! You can smell the poppers.

Keep It Cool: Sounds VERRRRRRY like Sugababes Push The Button with a strange wink to Blondie's Rapture. This might have been a better single to lead with.

The Lie: You can actually already hear this on their first album. Still one of the best pop songs ever created. Slices in between classic pop, electro, hip hop, rnb and classical music.

Download It: We love the new version. Not to say that the original actually needed a change but this song deserves all the airing it gets. The writers/producers/girls should be proud that this song exists. Its so unusual.

Reasons: At first I hated this. Ballads spoil pop albums. The lyrics are sickly. But the production slowly but surely weaves itself around ya head.

Eanie Meanie: Recalls early Atomic Kitten when they were fun and not obsessed with being skinny. Poptastic. You can actually hear this track on their podcasts that you can track down through Itunes.

FreeStyle: Adore this track. Shoulda been a single.

Special mention: Kick Back Relax

The strangest message backed up by the most beautiful of melodies.

They say they “Brought you pain and the necessary tears”. How strange and how New York. “You look outside but theres nothing there to see…no need to be the man behind the mask...lets remove it! all you need to do is ask”. I can’t think of anything more perverse. What on earth is this very very strange Clea song about then?

Its called Kick Back Relax but the title is dangerously misleading. This sense of pretence and seduction is promulgated by the very fact the girls are backed up by one of the most memorable instrumentals ever written. So slick the girls hit you with hooks so catchy they slide right into your sensory transmitters and remain there forever. Think of the poetic Can’t Get You Out Of My Head but has consumed far too much marijuana. Instead of Kylies La La La’s, Clea rework the Na Na Na so well you’ll be humming it when your asleep. Indeed the girls plead to the object to put those “voices to bed”. How on earth can I do that when they record such amazing pop tunes!?

Sadly Kick Back Relax isn’t on the upcoming Clea album. Fingers crossed it will be used as a b-side or double a-side in the future. In the meantime head over to TipTopPop and read the wonderful interview with Clea.

Trinity is released on the 12th of June.


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Joshua said...

Wow you make this album sound REALLY good and now I want to "Download It" hahahaha

PS do you know if there is ANY way for blogger to notify me if I receive replies to my replies? 90% of the time, I forget to check back on my comments to non-LJ blog sites and I never see my replies :\

Chris said...

I'm so excited for this album!