“Tricks and hustlers, Cheats and trailers, Scum and low-lifes rest your weary heads, all is well. You won’t be sad or broken tonight. You wont be squealed or ripped up tonight. You wont be backstabbed, double-crossed, face down, teeth knocked out, lying in a gutter somewhere.”

Both lyrically and musically this is probably the most utopian anthem you'll hear all year without being too commanding or overbearing. All are welcome here and if your cold expect yourself to be warmed up by the ambers blowing in the Nordic wind.

In a trinity of Swedish legends, Robyn Carlsson, Christian Falk and Ola Salo have most kindly given us this stunning sound of the electronic undergound. Dream On comes from the upcoming album People Say released through Bonnier Records which will be released very soon. Expect it to join other great releases from Swedish acts this summer-BWO, PAY-TV, WestEndGirls to name but a few.

Dream On is everything you wanted and more. To steal the line from Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, Sweet Dreams(are made of these). Feel yourself lifted away from your worries, get taken from the gutter and swim in the tears of joy. Quite stunning.

And now for the boring bit: This version is not the same as the live mix and quite undone. Lyrically it is structurally different to the extended version and quite unfinished. Indeed a whole verse has been removed. However even in its restricted format it surpasses even the stunningly produced pop efforts in recent years.

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