DontStopthePop is back!! Althought it never really went way so to speak...normal operations are now resumed! Lots of international pop, overuse of exclamations marks (!) and very very very silly comments! Rar!

>>>>>>>Off of the scale-Kick Back Relax: Clea-This will take you to a summer beach hut and erase any worries you might have. Lyrically quite strange tho.<<<<<<<

1. Spaced: Cookie-This is amazing. A bit like Confide In Me and Do It Again.

2. Lucky Like That(United Nations Radio Edit):Clea-Amazing.

3. Already Gone: John Glover-Absolutely amazing. His voice is so soft I feel like using this song as a moisturiser.

4. Close To Me: Sarah Whatmore-Epic dance ballad. I like. Early Christina Aguilera.

5. Paperback Cliché: Tara Blaise-We think Tara is gonna be huge this summer. Give it time.

Very special mention:

Im A Career Girl: Miss Robinson-So the last single was pretty bad. But we all love I'm A Career Girl. Think Girls Aloud's The Show, Kylie's Come Into My World with the best of Tatu!! Listen to it here