GIRLFRIEND Triangle Love and more!




Before you had Spice Girls, Bardot, TrueBliss or Girls Aloud you had the Australian bilingual girlband GirlFriend. GirlFriend were the first ever fivesome girls in our cd collection that were not uniform but very ultrapop and appeared to have more attitude that was healthy. In FACT! we think Girlfriend were the first modern girlband!!! Forget OzPop patrons, lets be talking of musical legends!

Their debut album "Make It Come True" was released in 1992 and became a big hit in Australia with hits like "Take It From Me" and "Without You". Girlfriend were Robyn Loau, Melanie Alexander, Lorinda Noble, Siobhánn Heidenreich and Jacqui Cowell.

Moreover, the music that the produced was quite clearly before its time. Tracks like Bad Attitude would be copied by Max Martin with his dealing with Britney and silly boy bands like Busted and McFly. Before Madonna or Kylie did 'J-Pop' with their respective Nothing Really Matters and German Bold Italic singles, GirlFriend embraced the sublime teenage culture of the country without being too Gwen Stefani. Hell, they recorded a number of tracks in Japanese as Triangle Love proves.

They've covered Olivia Newton-John, reinvented themselves and had no.1's in Australia when the country couldnt stand for acts like Kylie.

So now to the Girlfriend bonanzaaaaaaaa! The tracks come from each of their released albums but a few are quite rare! Enjoy these little gems of OzPop/Pop history!

I Love This World Taken from ItsUp2U. Think of the Vengaboys with soul. FabTastic. An an equality anthem that really should be played to people like John Howard and Bush Jr. Girlfriend go political!!!

Bad Attitude This song is AMAZING. Saving the best till end, this track came last on their debut single album Make It Come True. Robyn takes lead vocals on this fierce-yes we've used that word!-pop anthem.

Go For It A brilliant pop toon!

Go For It-J Pop version The Japanese version! Don't say we don't spoil ya here at DST(OZ)P!!

So we say to RCA...release their 3rd album! Do it online if it costs too much! Don't let it burn up dust when Girlfriend clearly have quite a large following. Huge I say!

See other OZPOP legends including TeenQueens and Kylie Mole(and Girlfriend) Here!!

We'd like to thank the stars over at CFBGoesPop! Your skating on thin ice girls! This OzPop fortnight wouldnt be nothing without you! Thankies!

So OzPop has now to come an end but thats not say its O.v.a.h! We havent even dusted down our Gina G's, or Kath/Kims attempt at Disco("hello...revolting!"). So OzPop Part II is already in the works but in the meantime we'd put a call out to all the Aussies out there...go over to Catchy Tunes of Sweden(see links) and consider doing an Australian blog equilavent. Why? Because OzPop, like Scandipop, needs some internet love!

Roight! Have a bumpalicious Easter/Passover/weekend.


Funshine Cheer said...

Girlfriend are awsome. YAY! Noticed you've linked to my YouTube space. Woohoo I feel important now. You might wanna fix the link, it's not setup properly.

Anyway, love the site, will get some more vids uploaded for everyone to enjoy soon. What's started off as a chance for people on a Kylie forum to relive the memories of trashy late 80's/early 90's craptacular Aussie music has turned into a global event! =p

Joshua said...

Can't wait to hear them! My biggest weakness is all things girlbands. But dang you for the m4a files! :P <3 Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A guy has written on the GF4 forum that the girls will be on Channel 7's Where Are They Now in November. Not sure whether all of them will be on or not. Do any of them still sing?