DontStopThe(Oz)Pop! welcomes back Kylie. We're sure you've seen all the pictures that Kylie posted on her website by now. Whether she decides to return to music or not, Australian pop music would be lost somewhere amongst the cakes of St.Kilda and the chorus of the Sons and Daughters theme tune. So essentially without Kylie we wouldnt have much of OzPop to celebrate! No need for feathers, tiaras or sequins to see that the showgirl is quite firmly back on her mirrorball. Simply effortless.

Go to the quite wonderful Spark*Pop for some rather electric and as of yet unreleased Dannii Minogue materal. As you'll hear OzPop is still going on strong and the Minogue name is back in town.

Here and Here

Hear the new/see Dannii single So Under Pressure here!!!

Kylie and Dannii you are the patron saints of DontStopthe(Oz)Pop! and your returns have made us all quite emotional.


Danushka! said...

Yay for the Minoogle clan coming back!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

enjoy ;o)