So to start off the Danish Pop Exploration! We thought it would be pertinant to begin our study with a group that have been offering us pop gems for years yet only now has the world decided to bathe in the light they provide: the band that call themselves Infernal. 2006 marks their tenth year of forming as a threesome becoming one of Denmarks most loved pop band.

You can check out their total discography over at and as you will see they've been around for yonks. While their current single From Paris To Berlin is undergoing a disease otherwise called victim of World Cup, they've updated their addictive yet annoying international debut hit single in the style of a hot Spanish polemic that has nothing to do with football. This suggests to us at DontStopthePop that the From London To Berlin "thing" is pretty much a UK record thing.


I used-scrap that-still have a crush on Paw the very cute male vocalist in the band. As you can see despite his interesting hair styles over the years he's got that something special:

As far as duo bands go I think the picture to the left ensures Infernal are clearly in the lead for having the best sort of eye candy on offer to us listeners. Those eyes, those nipples and that navel!

However those rather cute ears do make me worry...they look like they've had a history of being tugged with particular strength...

And here is Paw with friend and another very interesting hair style at Gay Pride in Stockholm:

& if you've listened to the track Ultimate Control on their most recent LP you could infer something rather timultuous in the lyrics sung by a tortured Paw. Nevertheless its all relativist and what I see as an ode of the confessional and the hunger for liberation some might see as a love story. Basically, my interpretation is lost amongst the waves of their addictive beats and thats how it should be.

Infernal are about to be trumped out by a fake artist in the UK charts but their international success with From Paris To Berlin is well deserved. The Danish pop band have been working at entertaining crowds for years & if you are able to see them live: do! Their live shows are scary yet amazing experience like no other:

Infernal now consist of Paw Lagermann and Lina Rafn. From Paris To Berlin might be their first international hit-indeed it was a big hit in Germany last year-but they've been around much longer. The current album, also called "From Paris To Berlin", is already the band's third. I say now because the Infernal I know always contained three members. With their new material, the third member vanished from the album/single covers however I think he's still there, lurking in the background...

Infernal are now a "youthful" band where hot sweaty sex rules the day. Their videos consist of white liquid all over the breast of a random female clubber and dripping down a six pack of a very cute+naked male stranger. I sound like I'm complaining but I'm not: this is the Infernal realm of darkrooms, sweaty walls and hot flesh. A night at Ghetto comes to mind as the hawt image of Paw illustrates below:


On offer today we've gone back to the earlier days of Infernal. Kiss The Sky and Living Under Water are not on any of the releases of their last album but are two huge tracks that send crowds into an hyper daze when performed.

Kiss The Sky-Included on their rather rather rare Muzaik album. Released 2001 on Flex Records, it contained an unusual sound, combining pop music with traditional Turkish drums/percussion. Kiss the Sky is not too trance but ever so anthemic. Alternative download location.

Living Under Water-Thrilling dance/pop track that simply never gets tired. Also included on the 2001 Muzaik album. Living Under Water will take you to Ibiza without destroying your ear drums like so much their fellow trance acts. Alternative download location.

Bonus recent track: I Took A Ride (FairyTale)-This track has been re-recorded on the international re-release of their 3rd album From Paris To Berlin. The Danish one that I have is sung mostly by a boy whereas the other one is a girlie track.

Please support Infernal by checking out these lovely places: TDC Musik, Cdon and Amazon.

Words: Intense, unforgiving electro, pulsating


POPtastic (Jessica) said...

Hi Ella + robpop,

Thanks for your comments and I appreciate DontStopThePop! for the future link. I heard about the track "From Paris To Berlin" a few months ago but never actually got to hear the track. I just followed the link to their website and really like the snippets of the following songs:

A To The B
Ten Miles

I downloaded I Took A Ride (FairyTale) and Kiss The Sky... both are very catchy. Danish pop is really good =)

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

No problem Jess!! Try if you can catch both editions of their third album From Paris To Berlin as they include different versions and new tracks!

Danish pop is fab! Not as extensive as the Swedish...and naturally thats why Swedepop gets its own blog. Hope u enjoy Danskpop. We'll try and cover as much as there is!

Adrian said...

I don't think that is Jessica - it's a different poptastic!

Infernal are great. Glad to hear they're good live. They play G.A.Y this weekend so I think I'll pop along to see them.

Adrian said...

Oh, this Poptastic is a Jessica. There are two now! Spoooooky.

Anonymous said...


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