Anne Gadegaard is the Danish equilavent to Swedens Amy Diamond. In fact, in Danish record stores you'll find the two singers right next to each other. At her young age shes already represented Denmark in the Junior Eurovision and has released three albums. While Amy Diamonds music dips into spunky 80's ska and motown, Anne takes most of her influences from Greek backgrounds.

As you will hear she certainly loves Despina Vandi, Antique and Anna Vissi...However Anne secures something of a unity between the Western Europop Denmark is known for and the summer rays of Thessaloniki, Babylon and the Mediterranean basin.

What sets Anne aside from a great bunch of young singers is that Anne, despite her tiny age, writes her material. This is an amazing fact when you consider that adults refuse to put pen to paper and record their own and instead get hitwriters to take the risk. There are, from my mind, only two other female acts who wrote their songs at such young age, recorded and produced them and those are Shakira and Alanis Morrisette which makes Anne a name to watch out for in the future.

VIP BONUS! While I've posted Arabiens Drøm as her key song I think her Ini Mini Miny Moe is a far better track. Here it is for you pleasure! Enjoy

Oh and please check out her new album Chiki Chiki at her official website where you can also listen and buy most of her material.

Words: Greece, Turkey, Alexander the Great, Antique, Tarken


Robpop said...

Ella...Anne is nothing like Amy other than their age!

Still, for a 12 year old shes written some fab songs.

Adrian said...

She sounds a bit like a young Danish Elena Paparizou. Which can only be a good thing.

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

I think so too! It sounds like two tracks left over from an lost Antique(elena Paparizou's old pop band) album

Aaryn said...


Chris said...

Now I know where I've seen her before; on a commercial for one of her albums on Cartoon Network. She was flying on a magical carpet in it.

A girl that represented Sweden in Junior Eurovision the very first time, she's called Super Duper Sofie, recorded a song called 'Arabian Dreams' for her second album. I wonder if it's the same song.

POPtastic (Jessica) said...

Ella.... Thanks for the link. I don't know if you like AI music but here's Taylor Hicks' single in 192 kb:

Live version of Katherine McPhee's My Destiny (192 kb)

Ashlee Simpson's Invisible *full*:

Take care =)